How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria in 2020

Amazon is one of the most valuable brands in the world today and its founder, Jezz Bezos, happens to be the richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of over $100 billion.

That’s huge. And then…

Amazon is an E-Commerce website.

This means that Amazon sells products to different parts of the country.

Amazon affiliate program

With all the money the company has, it runs a mutually beneficial programme for interested people.

This programme is called that Amazon Affiliate Program.

What is Amazon Affiliate Programme?

The programme is a way for you to make money whenever you’re able to make someone buy something from Amazon.

Depending on the prize of what is sold, you get a commission.

It doesn’t matter how you get the person to buy the product, really.

All that matters is that the user who came through your special affiliate link purchases an item and that’s it.

On the Amazon Affiliate Programme, you earn 10% of any product a user coming from your link buys.

It’s more like you’re getting the tithe cut off their sales.

You grab?

How Much Can Be Made from Amazon Affiliate Program?

There’s no limit to how much you can earn from the program.

There’s a chance you earn $7k within 7 days, and it all depends on your ability to drive more targeted traffic through your link to Amazon products and hope they eventually make a purchase.

Let’s do some math: if you got 4k users to visit the Amazon store through your link in a month, and 70 people eventually purchase something worth $400, you get 10% off $400 and that’s $40 * 70.

For that month you just made $2800 which is equivalent to N980k.

Truthfully, you could earn more or less.

And that’s why I’m here to show you 4 pathways to earning more on the Amazon Affiliate Program.

What You Need to Know

All I’m going to show you on this page are genuine ways to earn on the Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria.

And these methods to maximize your earnings don’t work overnight.

You’ll have to be patient, and smart too.

Nothing good ever comes easy and these methods take some time to start working.

At least most of them takes time.

Shall we?

Utilize these 4 smart ways to Make money with Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria:

  • Go Viral on Social Media
  • Start a Dedicated Niche YouTube Channel
  • Start an Amazon Affiliate Niche Blog
  • Go Active on Forums

1. Go Viral on Social Media

Social media

Through this process, you’ll be getting your links on social media networks so that more customers can purchase an item on Amazon through your affiliate link.

Social media is an important part of our lives already and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t use them.

The most popular social media networks we have today are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

Let’s talk a little more about them.



Instagram allows for people to share photos and videos.

You can take advantage of this to show the world you have a list of items they would like.

This will definitely lead to more sales for Amazon, and more commission paid to you.

It’s easier said than done, but it’s very possible.

To share your products on Instagram and get the most off it, Start a niche store on Instagram.

To make more sales from Instagram or get people to Amazon from your Instagram page, the best way is for you to look like a professional brand – a product and not an ordinary user.

Your Instagram page should be all about the particular product.

In short, you should start a niche shop on Instagram.

By a Niche shop, I mean a page that posts everything about a particular market like headphones and all the kinds of headphones.

Or you can go super niche and narrow by trading just a brand of headphones.

To get massive results, going niche is the way to go.

Make your audience or visitors see your page as a reputable “headphones” page – a brand page dedicated to selling fashion products on Instagram.

You get the idea?

You can also make your niche shop cover a variety of products from electronics to fashion and more.

But it’s easier to sell something you love and know about to the world.

Instagram Doesn’t Allow Links, How Can This Work?


On Instagram, you can’t post clickable links.

But there are two ways to do this so that your affiliate links become clickable on every post.

The two sure ways are:

  • Frequently Update Your Profile Link

Instagram allows you to put a link on your profile.

Just one link.

So for every user on Instagram, there’s a chance to put 1 link on the profile.

Using this tip, you’ll have to change the link on your profile to products pages whenever you post a new product to your page.

This is a windfall and your followers or visitors won’t get to see a link to a previous product on your page.

That’s not the end of the world though.

You can always ask them to DM you for more info on every product on your Instagram niche shop.

  • Advertise Your Products

This might sound like the hour to sacrifice budget, but don’t be too fast.

You can promote any product on your page for as low as $1 or N350.

When you promote products, Instagram gives you the privilege to add a link to the product page or the item page.

So with N350, you can get well over 300 new customers to visit the product page on Amazon and some will buy (not all).

The commission you get most of the time using this method usually outweighs every kobo you spend on advertising.

To run a successful niche shop or Amazon Affiliate store on Instagram, these tips should help:

Craft a Compelling Profile Description

Your Instagram profile should tell all about what you do.

How you do it.

When you do it.

It should include your contact details.

Don’t forget to add a link on your profile.

The link can be anything.

You can either take visitors to the Amazon product page for them to purchase a product, or to a Whatsapp group to see more products.

Be creative and make sure you’re not wasting that link space.

I recommend you link to a Whatsapp group or your niche blog.

You can also have them redirected to a Whatsapp business page where you get to talk business.

Upload Good Product Pictures

The quality of your product pictures can make you stand out.

You’re not the only one marketing that product on Instagram, so your edge over other sellers on Instagram could be the quality product pictures you upload.

Draft Crazy Content Caption Copies Every Time

Avoid uploading products without a copy (smart product description) to make the visitors know what the product is all about.

Go as far as putting out the model of the product, and spill some words on how durable it is.

Uploading photos without captions is a way to run an Instagram shop for 10 years with just 2 sales.


But I’m serious.

Be interactive. Don’t tell them the features alone, tell people what they’ll benefit from the product.

Although you’re a brand, but to get the trust of your potential clients, you have to be someone they can interact with.

Make the captions smart and short (S&S Model).

Just be plain, and make your copy the million dollar type.

💡Learn to write compelling product copy from this article on CrazyEgg.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags put your products in the eyes of people who don’t know you exist. Even without advertising on Instagram. Hashtags take your products far.

When you put an hash (#) sign behind a word (#word), it becomes a hash tag.

And Instagram makes use of hashtags to generate search results on Instagram search field.

People search for things everyday.

There are millions of hashtags on Instagram and this is because people are beginning to understand its importance.

To utilize the power of hashtags, you need to use relevant ones.

If your product is a headphone, don’t use #jewelry #rolex.

Using relative hashtags like #headset #headphones will get your product in front of people who have a higher chance at buying.

The good part is: you get a higher chance at making more sales with fewer visits from these relative hashtags.



On Facebook, you can share your link on either a Facebook group, your timeline, Fan pages, or on Facebook Niche Shops.

There are some groups with thousands of followers, lovers of the particular product you’re to sell.

You can start a niche shop on Facebook just like on Instagram and add links pointing to the product page on Amazon where the purchase is made.

Get in touch with Facebook group admins and strike a deal with them: you give them a little something to share your product on their group.

These groups don’t necessarily have to be the kind of group that love your product.

If it’s a shirt you want to promote, everybody loves a good short and looking for polo groups will cut off huge opportunities to get in touch with random people on random groups willing to buy that shirt.

Here are four places to promote your affiliate link/product on Facebook are:

Your Timeline

If you have a large number of people following you as friends on Facebook, you can’t tell the number of people willing to buy that product through your link.

But you can find out by sharing it anyway. Trade the same principles that I shared for utilizing Instagram.

Facebook Groups

Facebook group are either open or closed groups.

For the closed ones, you need to apply to gain membership.

Gaining membership grants you access to post anything on the group.

To get more results, it’s best to rapport with group admins and come to terms with the group’s posting policies.

Don’t be a spammer just because you want more sales. You could get banned.

The group admins have their way to make the members click through a link.

They’ve earned some sort of respect from the members, and are more influential as admins.

You can tap into this power by paying a fee to make them share your product on the group.

Make sure it’s not a group with 50 members.

Facebook Niche Store

Just like Instagram, you can start up an online store on Facebook.

There’s no place to start up a store on Facebook, but you can create a new Facebook page, customize it, and make it your store.

With the power of advertising (which you could do for about N400 minimum), your products can get in front of thousands of people.

For more exposure, make use of hash tags and compelling captions with direct links to the product on Amazon.

Without running ads, you can also harness the power of hashtags on Facebook.

Facebook also let’s you put a link in every post and people can click on them very easily to make a purchase.

Fan Pages on Facebook

There are fan pages on Facebook, and they’re particularly useful if you want to post a particular product like Dell PC.

Fan pages of Dell are huge on Facebook, and mostly, you don’t need to apply for membership to start posting your product.

For every product, look for a page that’s all about it.

For Pizza, look for Pizza pages.

For Eyeglasses, post on pages about eyeglasses.

The rule of thumb here is to not become a spammer and post to relevant niche pages.



On Whatsapp, you can create a group for your product.

Strive to increase the number of group members and make sure the people you add are those with interest.

If you end up having a bunch of people with no interest, they’ll eventually leave the group.

You can post products on your Whatsapp story with a link to the actual page on Amazon.



Twitter is one of the most visited social media networks today.

It’s a place where politicians and celebrities make their rants.

But you can sell to them.

Twitter’s advertising campaign will cost you more and it’s less productive compared to other social networks.

But you can tap into the power of hashtags and compelling copy with a link to the product page on Amazon.

It’s worth a try. All you need is just a sale.

2. Start a Dedicated Niche YouTube Channel


A dedicated YouTube Channel can generate streams of income outside affiliate marketing.

When you eventually start getting thousands of views, you can apply for AdSense ads and start turning those views into money (technically).

That’s a topic for another lifetime.

A dedicated YouTube Channel is a video channel on YouTube about specific products.

For example, you can make a video about the latest Redmi 8 and put a link in the video description for viewers to order it.

If you’re going to focus on a Niche you have passion for, it’s cool.

If you can handle multiple markets like tech, fashion, and garden, fine.

I recommend you stick to a particular niche for the interest of your viewers.

Viewers should able to find multiple relevant videos about tech devices on your channel, not videos on every other thing.

For the sake of your subscriber community, keep your niche specific so that at the end of the day you can sell your personal products to them.

This is one of the reasons you should consider sticking to a niche you like already.

If you’re not a tech guy (like me), making reviews about the latest iPhone could take you weeks and will be very boring for you.

Here are 2 direct bulletproof steps to nailing this on the head:

  • Create Your Niche YouTube Channel
  • Upload Your Videos

Create Your Niche YouTube Channel

Head over to YouTube if you have the mobile app, and create your channel. Using a Laptop or a mobile phone, this doesn’t take up to 5 minutes.

If you don’t already have a YouTube account, create one with your gmail.

To create a YouTube channel, follow this guide on Buffer.

It’s pretty simple.

After creating your channel, upload a YouTube profile picture and make sure the name of your channel is something easy to remember.

💡 Learn more about coming up with the best names for your channel at Design Wizard.

Upload Your Videos

It’s time to start uploading your reviews and product videos.

Your videos should be very unique (and don’t post trash).

YouTube ranks videos higher on the video search results page based on the length of the video, age of the YouTube Channel, the length of the video description, hashtags used, the quality of the video itself, and other factors.

Remember that you need to rank high to get more views, and you need more views go get more sales on Amazon.

And the more sales you get, the more ca$h you earn.

Here you have 5 sure-fire tips to rank higher on YouTube and get more traffic to your videos:

To make your videos go viral and be at the top of YouTube search, implement these tips:

Upload Quality Videos

If you’re stuck here, don’t worry.

There are a few apps you can make use of to create good review videos.

All you have to do is surf the internet for good apps to use even with your android phone.

If you have all you need to make quality review videos, then let’s move on.

If you don’t, checkout this review video tutorial to start creating professional YouTube videos.

Add a Comprehensive Description

Descriptions tell YouTube and Google Video Search what your video is about.

Starting a YouTube channel is free.

Costs $0.

But what isn’t free is making your videos and promoting them on YouTube.

With a comprehensive description, and leveraging the power of YouTube SEO, you’re good to go.

Use #Hashtags

Hashtags can be put either in the title or description of the video.

Wherever you choose to put them, make sure they’re what people actually search for and are all about the products you’re uploading.

Don’t over use them too.

Three hash tags or four is enough.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

Ayn Rand

See that quote?

Go widdershins.

Add Keywords People Search in Titles

Don’t work like a robot. Make sure the keywords are actually what people search for and don’t make it look like you’re desperately trying to rank your videos.

Make a list of titles for a particular video and ask yourself: which one of these titles would I click on from YouTube search or on Google?

You should get it right there.

Use Long-tail Title Keywords

Don’t make the mistake of using keywords that are very competitive. Obviously, you won’t rank.

Make use of keywords people search for but are not very competitive keywords.

There are ways to tweak a keyword, make it longer and more appealing.

For example, you could use “Tecno Spark Power 2 Review and Specs: All You Should Know” instead of “Tecno Spark 2 Specs”.

It’s more compelling and appealing at the same time.

Long-tail keywords bring in clients who know what they want.

These keywords are long and very specific.

Using them puts your videos in the eyes of potential clients who truly have interest in what you have to offer.

3. Start an Amazon Affiliate Niche Blog

Niche blog

A niche blog is a blog set up for a specific purpose.

It preaches about a market, focus, and area.

A niche blog promotes a particular product or a group of similar products.

With a niche blog, all you need is traffic.

Not the 50k/month kind of traffic.

When the traffic starts coming in little dozes, you start can sell to a higher percentage of your visitors.

This means the more traffic your blog gets, the more sales you’re likely to make on Amazon.

To make money from Amazon Affiliate Program with a niche blog, the blog needs to be about the product you’re marketing on Amazon.

It’s like this:

Traffic >>>>> Niche Blog >>>> Amazon Products Page >>> Sales >> Commission

Some of that traffic (not 100%) goes to your product page through the link on your posts.

Some of the traffic (not 100%) buys the product.

You get your commission.

But getting the traffic is usually the challenge for more than 99% of bloggers.

I’ll do my best to make sure you get how this traffic thing works.

Start Your Blog

The first thing on the list is to start up your blog.

It’s the easiest part.

If you don’t know exactly how to do this, click here to start the simple process.

In starting your blog, make sure you work with a domain name people can easily remember.

The above guide should lead you on everything you need to start a blog.

Niche or not.


💡 It usually takes 3 – 6 months to get Google to start loving your blog and start sending you traffic ideally.

But don’t just wait until it’s 6 months before you start creating content and promoting your blog.

Build relationships with other bloggers, build backlinks, and write guest articles even before Google starts showing you some traditional love.

Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are links pointing from other websites to your website/blog.

They help you rank high on Google, and the quality of backlinks you get matters.

A backlink from Huffington Post isn’t the same as a backlink from any other low quality website with unfocused pieces of articles.

So if you’re getting backlinks, make sure you’re getting them from websites that are in the same niche as you and are high quality websites.

There are two types of backlinks basically.

The first is called “dofollow.”

And the second is called a “nofollow.”

Both links are good, but the dofollow links help you more in terms of ranking.

They’re links that help to grow the competence and ranking potentials of your blog.

Both links are very important in building an online empire, or an Amazon Affiliate niche blog. Focus on getting both links.

For the fact that nofollow links don’t pass any link juice or “authority” to your blog, it’s not a reason to ignore the need to get them.

How do you get backlinks?

There are multiple ways to get backlinks.

It’s a discussion for another day, but here are the basics:

Write Guest Posts

There are a ton of blogs out there in almost whatever niche looking for authors to write guest articles.

You can leverage this to write good articles and include a link or two in the author’s bio section of the post.

When writing a guest post, write it with caution because it’s not going to be on your blog. You can’t edit it when you want to or take it off when you feel like.

Give it your best shot and hope it gets accepted.

Use writing tools like Grammarly to filter grammar errors off your content and use images where relevant.

(Skip the grammarly part if you can take out some time to proofread your article after writing)

You’re guest posting to get a link to your blog, but not just that, but to flex your authority and knowledge on a topic.

The link you get will go a long way to make your blog content rank high on Google.

Comment on Blogs

Visit mega blogs in your niche that allow readers to comment.

These blogs should be in the same niche as you are.

They should be in a similar niche, if not exactly the same.

Some blogs review comments before they publish it, and so to make sure your comment gets published on these blogs, at least read the first three paragraphs of the content before commenting.

Don’t just type in “nice post“.

Write something insightful. Be contributive.

Use Social Bookmarking Sites

There are tons of free (and good) social bookmarking sites to bookmark your blog posts.

Ask Google and you’ll get a list of over 500 of them.

Go for the ones with .com, .org, and .edu domain extensions.

These bookmarking sites allow you to register and bookmark a bunch of links.

They play little god in helping to increase your blog’s ranking power.

Create Evergreen Content

If you create an epic article every time, you’ll get more readers, more shares, and other webmasters would like to show their audience what you’ve written by linking to you from their blog.

The good thing is: you win and they win too.

But you win more.

Don’t focus on putting out long articles, write comprehensive stuff.

Send Backlink Offers

This is a way to get backlinks from another blog.

Firstly, you have to read a post on the author’s blog and look for places where you think a link to your article might fit in.

Then, get in touch with the author through email or a voicemail and tell them you have a post that would benefit his blog and his audience.

It works sometimes.

Sometimes, it doesn’t.

But I’m sure out of every 10 authors you get in touch with, you should get a 10% positive feedback at least.

Promote Your Blog

You can promote your blog through paid advertising on social media and search engines, or frequent manual efforts to rank high on search engines.

The first one will cost you a deal of money.

The second one will require you to be patient with the process.

There are over 600 million blogs on the internet today.

To standout, you have to promote your blog and your blog posts through a process called SEO if you don’t have enough money to spend on advertising.

Everything you need to know about SEO and promoting your blog without spending a dime is exclusively narrated in this article by the Google Search Team.

4. Post Exclusively on Forums


Forums (like Quora) are some of the best places to promote your affiliate link.

The simple way to do this is to create a thread about the product and add the affiliate link to it after the content.

Look for questions on topics relating to the product, answer them, and include your affiliate link on Quora.

It’s like blogging about it, but this time, you’re doing it in forums.

These platforms have a strong ranking power.

You don’t have to do any promoting.

Just be compelling with your answers and be helpful too.

How to Receive Amazon Affiliate Payment in Nigeria as a Marketer

As an Amazon Affiliate marketer, you can get paid in Nigeria through the use of Payoneer.

The web application is just like other payment processing application, and it allows users from Nigeria to freely register.

Creating an account on Payoneer is free and you can do so by visiting the Payoneer website.

How to Get a US Phone Number to Register on Amazon in Nigeria

This is usually one of the biggest challenges Nigerians with good intentions like you get in the course of becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer.

The process to start earning with the affiliate program requires you to have a US phone number.

And many of us (myself included) have never stepped out of the soils in Nigeria.

So to get registered as an Amazon affiliate marketer in Nigeria, download the Text Plus App on Google Play store.

Upon your registration, Text Plus gives you a free US phone number.

You don’t have to pay. After this, you can continue with the registration process on Amazon, and verify your account through the call.

Ensure your internet connection is secure.

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria (Wrap Up)

Amazon Affiliate Program could make you millions.

But don’t look at it that way, there’s a lot of work to it.

Nothing is truly easy. You’ll need to utilize some uncommon strategies to get uncommon results.

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program in Nigeria (Summary)

Here’s a quick list of the 4 ways to make money with the Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria:

  • Go Viral on Social Media
  • Start a Dedicated Niche YouTube Channel
  • Start an Amazon Affiliate Niche Blog
  • Post Exclusively on Forums

What tactics have you been leveraging to earn on the Amazon affiliate program in Nigeria? Are you experiencing difficulties?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below. I’d love to know what’s up.