How to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria in 2020 (5 Sure Ways!)

Do you want to make money on Instagram?

I’m sure you do and that’s why you’re reading this post right now.

Instagram is the second most used social media in the world following closely after Facebook.

Although it came around later than Facebook and Twitter, it’s the biggest rival to Twitter and Reddit right now. With the introduction of Instagram Reels, it’s giving Tiktok a huge smackdown in the market ring right now.

The social media allows its users to post short videos and recently, users are able to post longer videos (videos longer than 60 seconds).

How to make money on Instagram in Nigeria

Unlike the bandwagon of Google products, speaking of YouTube and Blogger, Instagram and its mother, Facebook, don’t display adverts. You can’t apply for adverts to be shown on your videos and hence, can’t make earn from people viewing your posts.

On YouTube, you can apply for Google Ads to be displayed on your videos and it’s one of the most common ways people earn on YouTube. On Instagram, this can’t happen.

The good news is; there are lots of ways you can start making money on Instagram in Nigeria today and I’m here to throw more than just a light on them.

Things You Should Do to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria Today

To start making money on Instagram in Nigeria, there are things you have to put in place first. These things are commonplace factors that determine how you earn.

Here are 2 of the things you need to do for your voyage to earning on the platform to be successful:

  • Update Your Profile
  • Post Relevant Content

Update Your Profile

Updating your profile is the first thing you must do even before thinking of making money on Instagram. Your profile is your story.

Make sure you put in the correct details including your phone number or Whatsapp contact.

Use these hacks to make sure your profile is well set up and ready to go:

Write a Catchy Description

The description tells users what you’re all about. Be very compelling here and use words to make any category of user feel comfortable.

Don’t just write a word or two words. Exclusively talk about what you do and how good your services are if you have one.

If you’re the product or you’re a artiste, make people trust in your delivery just by reading the description on your profile. Trust is built on just more than actions, but words.

If you’re appearing as a brand on Instagram, use your description box to tell people how you operate, deliver, and trade.

Add a Link to Your Profile

If you have a website or somewhere you want people to go, add the link to the website field when updating your profile.

It could be a link to your special Whatsapp group or a link to your Facebook group where the real thing happens.

If there’s no website or social media group, you can add a link to a page on the web where pictures of your previous works are found.

You could also include a link to anything else like your professional profile on LinkedIn, Tiktok, Snapchat, or your YouTube channel. Just direct them to someplace else where other transaction can take place.

Use a Smart Profile Photo

It’s a very bad idea to leave your profile photo blank. It suggests amateurism. People want to deal with someone or something they can trust.

If it’s possible to have multiple photos of yourself on your Instagram page aside your profile photo, upload them. It doesn’t have to be the photo of a brand or a business logo.

People want to make sure they can trust you, and one of the many ways to do this is to tell them “hey! this is my business logo or real photo and I’m legit.”

If you’re going to make money on Instagram in Nigeria, it’s from people on the platform who can trust you well enough to pay you for a service or a product they haven’t received yet.

Post Relevant Content

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your profile wall blank. No no. Post some content on that page.

Now that you have successfully set up your Instagram page with a trustworthy profile picture and a catchy description, next item on the to-do list is to start uploading items.

Remember, your items should be one of these:

Funny Content

Funny items get the most views nowadays on Instagram, and people who post them get the most followers side-by-side.

You don’t have to be a comedian to post funny stuff on the platform, but you can become one if you ever want to be.

Online comedians like Broda Shaggi, Craze Clown, Sydney Talker, and Maraji have made so much money from their Instagram followers just because they got funny and went online with unbeatable zeal.

Relevant Content

Now if you plan on making money as a brand on Instagram or you want to sell products online, it’s best to post the products you wish to trade.

The more photos of the products you have, the more trust you get from people interested in what you have to offer.

You need to understand that people search for items on Instagram just like they do on Google and on other search engines.

If you’re going to sell a product or share the products you wish to sell on Instagram, put the names of the products in #hashtags and include much of the product details.

The more hash tags you use, the more exposure you’re likely to get (all things being equal). Make sure you’re not posting everything and just anything.

Unless you want to operate a “lifestyle” page with loads of interesting content where anything goes, you’ll still do fine.

If you’re launching out as a brand, upload photos and videos of your product with clipping captions that compels like crazy. Use convincing, add prices (if any), include the payment procedures or payment method and other important things your customer should know about.

Trending Content

People want to search for trending events and if you give it to them all the time, you have successfully gained the trust of a large chunk of people.

Remember that the goal is to get more followers. With more followers, brands will approach you for the sake of placing adverts for them and more.

If you want to make money on Instagram as a media/news agency, this will definitely help. Get the hottest trending news. Post it before anyone else does and use the hashtags relevant to the post to make it easy for people to find when they search.

Hashtags are any words you see on Instagram that has the # behind it.

It turns blue automatically after the “#” comes in. This syntax is called a hash and to any word it’s joined to become a hash-word, or hashtag.

No more black like the regular texts. This is an indication that Instagram works with the hashtag to make people find content easily when they search. The hashtags categorize content into different labels, and you decide what label you want to group your content by the hashtags you create.

If you post an item that everyone is looking for, make sure you hashtag one or more words you think people will search for if they wanted to see your post.

Back in the day I used a combo of hashtags to get more than 72k views on a trending video. All I had was 1.4k followers at the time, and several videos I posted got over 30k views from people coming in through the search timeline.

That’s the magic of hashtags.

Here are 5 surefire ways you can utilize to make money on Instagram in Nigeria:

  • Post Sponsored Contents
  • Promote Your Service
  • Share Affiliate Links
  • Promote Your Craft
  • Start an Instagram Class

1. Post Sponsored Contents

Post sponsored contents on Instagram

Making money on Instagram with sponsored posts is one of the most common and easiest ways to earn on the platform. Remember how Instagram doesn’t pay you based on views you accrue on your posts.

Bagging the blue Instagram verification batch won’t earn you money automatically. You make money from people who want to get in front of your followers and that’s where sponsored posts come in.

It’s called a sponsored post because it’s sponsored by an agent, company, or individual. If you have 200 followers on Instagram, don’t think of it.

You need to have thousands of followers on Instagram for people to start sending you sponsored post offers.

Based on the number of followers you have, brand and individuals are willing to pay anywhere from N5k per post to N500k per post to get their product or campaign advertised on your page.

The more followers you have, the higher you charge for sponsored posts.

2. Promote Your Product/Service

Promote products on Instagram

This is one of the ways people earn on Instagram in Nigeria. You can start a business online and get to work. If you have a product to sell or a service to render, you can start doing that immediately.

You can also venture into the market you’re not conversant with and still make money from sales on Instagram.

You can sell and resell items to the customers you reach out to on Instagram. It’s a massive platform and could serve the functions of an E-Commerce website. One primary difference is that payment doesn’t go through a gateway; it’s not automated.

You’ll have to drop your account details to get paid or redirect clients to a different platform for better business deals.

The idea remains to sell your products on Instagram and make money or promote your services to people who are interested and earn when you deliver this service.

If you are into fashion, you can sell makeup kits and other beauty products on Instagram. Your business can thrive 100% with the existence of a committed business page on the social network.

If you wish to start an online tutorial on your website or a Whatsapp group, you can let the world know through Instagram by making introductory videos to run paid ads and utilizing hashtags.

Celebrities use their Instagram page to tell their fans about an upcoming show. They know they’re pretty influencial and the more people they reach out to, the more ticket sales they’re likely to record.

So, indirectly, they’ve earned from utilizing Instagram to put their next show in the minds of entertainment lovers who stick around as loyal followers.

You can do same.

3. Share Your Affiliate & Referral Links

Instagram affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming a hot cake in Nigeria. People have made millions of naira from affiliate programs and are still earning.

What’s affiliate marketing?

It’s getting your affiliate link in front of interested clients. This affiliate link is what you get when you register to become a member of a company’s affiliate program.

What’s an affiliate link then?

It’s a special link you get from an affiliate network after your membership is granted.

The more people buy a product or use a service through your affiliate link, the more commission you get paid. Which means, you make more money from getting more sales.

There are lots of affiliate programs in Nigeria with the most lucrative being Payporte and Jumia. You don’t have to pay anything to start making money with affiliate programs.

All you have to do is make sure people buy stuff on that website through your link. When you bring a friend to register through your referral link or affiliate link, you get paid.

While this sounds like something you’re already used to, referral programs, it’s not it. Referral programs require you to register for a specific amount. In the affiliate marketing world, registration is usually free.

The most trusted referral programs so far in Nigeria remains Giftal World and NNU. They’ve not died out yet. Referral programs have the habit of dying out primarily because there’s no commodity in stock. It’s a deal based on referrals and deposit of funds from a networked people.

On Instagram, you can make money with these programs by telling your followers about them and encouraging your followers to register through your link.

You don’t have to tell them it’s your link most of the time. You don’t have to tell them you get paid when they register through your link and purchase an item.

Make them realize they get a special discount on sales when they register through this link (your link), which is true for many affiliate programs.

You could promote your referral or affiliate links on your profile page or on posts you upload.

4. Promote Your Craft

Promote your skill on Instagram

This works best for artistes and performers, public speakers, vocationally skilled folks who at least have something to offer.

Public figures like Prince E. A. get paid to promote content from brands on Instagram. They also use Instagram as a platform to get across to people who would do anything to have them speak at their seminar for a price.

If you’re a dancer, barber, or a singer, just be good at what you do. You can get in front of people who could turn your life around.

You’re the product here and the value is in you. All you have to do is promote yourself.

Thousands of people have used Instagram to go from zero to the sky just by making short dance videos, and performing arts.

But how can you make money on Instagram by promoting your craft?

Let people know you’re available for booking on your profile page. Drop your contact details there and be very specific at what you do.

The videos on your page shouldn’t be misleading. If you’re a dancer, don’t flood your page with videos of you farming or clapping.

People want to see you perform if you’re very good and if the videos on your page can say so, you’re good to go.

Bookings that come like this one don’t go away without a few thousands rolling into your bank account.

5. Start an Instagram Class

Start an Instagram class

You can make money on Instagram in Nigeria by starting a tutorial on the platform. The tutorial would for a fee and interested members would have to pay first before gaining access to the class.

The Instagram class is one of the ways to earn, and professionals are using this method to make money.

You don’t have to be extremely good at that you do. Just be good to a point where people can learn a great deal from you, and be able to teach them.

How can you start up a class on Instagram?

It’s very possible to create a special Instagram group right now. With this feature on Instagram, it’s easy to select those clients that have shown interest in becoming a student by paying for the class and adding them to the group.

This works best if you have something to teach. Something you feel most people would want to learn.

In today’s world, everybody wants to know how to make money for free without doing anything.

But you just have to do something.


If you’re good at cooking or baking, you can start a baking class on Instagram and charge your students to pay per class or onetime.

It’s easy to remove people who haven’t paid from the group. People want to know a lot and you can cover that gap in information on Instagram while you’re getting paid just like it were a real lecture.

How to Maximize Your Earnings on Instagram

There are ways to maximize your earnings on Instagram. These ways will get you more followers, and more followers equals a higher chance at making more money if you know the right things to do.

To make the most profit from Instagram, utilize these hacks:

  • Use Hashtags
  • Post Frequently
  • Use the Instagram Video Feature
  • Use Compelling Captions
  • Mention Influencers

Use Hashtags

I talked about hashtags briefly. They’re very important if you want your posts to get across to people who don’t even follow you and especially if you don’t have the funds to power a strategized paid advert campaign.

If you use hashtags frequently and post alike, you’re going to constantly record new followers by the day.

Hashtags have helped built businesses from scratch on Instagram. If you use them carefully, it gets to a point where Instagram algorithmically suggests trending hashtags to use.

To earn on Instagram in Nigeria, hashtags are what you shouldn’t forget to utilize. Avoid using unrelated hashtags as they will end up giving you thousands of views and very few interested clients.

If you use the #realestate hashtag on a post that is about parenting – what’s the relationship? You’re going to have a bunch of real estate visitors trooping in to the post on parenting.

They wouldn’t care much. To many of them, you just wasted their time because they’re out for real estates they can either sell or buy but what they see is a post about the importance of parenting.

Using the right hashtags will get you more targeted viewers and potential clients.

Post Frequently

If you search for an item on Instagram, you see two layers at display. The first is the most recent layer where the most recent posts with that hashtag is rendered.

The second is the most popular which is a display of the posts with the most likes and views containing that hashtag or word you searched for.

The more frequently you post items, you get to show up on the upper side of the layer that has to do with displaying recency-tagged posts.

This means that a lot of people will get to see your post when you use the right hashtags. When people keep seeing your posts at the top every time, you’re prone to getting new followers everyday.

That’s one tip to amassing followers on Instagram now very many successful Instagram earners will let out. The mix of frequency and hashtags will get you massive results on Instagram.

If you have a product to sell or an event to promote, you can get thousands of people to see it through the use of hashtags and by posting the items more frequently.

Use the Instagram Video Feature

The Instagram video feature was introduced to make users uplod longer videos and even shorter ones.The 1-minute Instagram videos were very limiting, and so Instagram thought it wise to add a feature for longer videos to be uploaded on the network.

My guess is; multi-million dollar brands laid complaints requesting this special feature and Instagram answered.

With this video feature now on Instagram, you can make longer videos talking about your product or yourself (if you’re the product). You could go live which makes Instagram more fun.

Create a video of your product, a video of what you do, of yourself, what you have to offer and how it will serve as a benefit to the customers. Everybody wants to know what’s in it for them or else they’re not interested.

You can make use of the Instagram video tool to share videos that make you or your product look good.

The Instagram video tool is special and Instagram treats its ranking on the Instagram Search Page specially.

Use Compelling Captions

One of the ways to make people believe you, even when you’re telling a lie, is to use the most cogent of words that drive persuasion to the depths of their heart.

If you’re posting videos or images, make sure your captions are compelling and mostly interactive. You know you’re talking to people and you probably want them to respond back.

With your captions, be real. Ask questions. Speak to one person, not a crowd. Strive to gain trust and intimacy with the viewers.

This is you taking baby steps to building a community of followers that will trust you and pay you in the long run.

Mention Influencers

Instagram Influencers are users with several thousand real followers. They’re called Influencers because they have the power to Influence the decisions of thousands.

When you post an item, a product, an event, and tag someone who has more followers than you do, there’s a possibility for that person to repost your content.

Through rapport and maybe a slight agreement in bargain with an Instagram influencer, you can have your content in front of thousands of people.

Luckily, in every industry, there a lots of Instagram Influencers, at least you would find 1 Influencer sticking out his head as an authority even in the most desolate of niches.

How to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria (Wrap Up)

It’s possible to get millions of followers on Instagram without ever earning a dime from them. For you to make money on Instagram in Nigeria, you have to gain the trust of those who use it.

By adding value and solving problems is how you make money the legit way especially as it pertains to business dealings with people who haven’t had any previous relationship or meeting with you.

Top celebrities in Nigeria like Laura Ikeji and Tunde Ednut have their ways of making money on Instagram. Luckily, everything they do is on this page.

If you found the information useful or you need me to supply some sort of other information regarding making money on Instagram or elsewhere, let me know in the comment section below.

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How to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria (Summary)

Here’s a rundown of the 5 sure ways to make money on Instagram in Nigeria today:

  • Post Sponsored Posts
  • Promote Your Service
  • Share Affiliate Links
  • Promote Your Craft
  • Start an Instagram Class

Did you find these tips to make money on Instagram in Nigeria helpful?

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