CPA Marketing in Nigeria: How to Make Money with CPA Programs

CPA marketing is a very interesting online side business you can start up to earn good cash.

This is how it works: you sign up for a network called a CPA Network, and drive traffic through your affiliate link to the CPA Network or website. When a user performs an action on that site, you get paid.

These actions visitors are expected to perform are called offers.

So the more offers you get people to perform through your CPA marketing affiliate link, the more money you earn.

CPA marketing in Nigeria

The only thing here is how you can get so much people to take these offers.

Let’s do some calculation:

If you manage to refer 200 people in a day through a promotion strategy, and they perform some sort of task like submitting their email address, you earn $1 per completed offer.

That’s 200 * $1 = $200 Bucks

Guide to CPA marketing in Nigeria

Before we get started on how to make money with CPA marketing in Nigeria, it’s ideal for you to know what CPA marketing is and what it isn’t.

What is CPA Marketing?

The three letters, CPA, is short for Cost Per Action.

If you’re CPA marketer, you make money from people’s actions on a site.

This money reflects on your CPA earnings account.

As a CPA marketer, you earn from the actions people perform on a website or a CPA site. These actions range from dropping reviews, watching ads, and completing surveys.

CPA Marketing VS Affiliate Marketing VS Referral Programs

These three online ventures can earn you good money, but they’re different things.

How they work, and how you earn varies for the three types of online businesses.

CPA marketing works in a way different from referral programmes, and affiliate marketing works differently.

Let’s treat them separately…

Referral Programs

How it works: You register with some money and you make money when other people register through your link.

Referral programs are common with news sites that pay you to read news or pay you to share them.

When you read news you earn money.

These sites require you to register first with a fee after which you get a referral link. With this unique link, you can get more people to register and earn commissions as they do so.

A good example of referral programs in Nigeria is NNU Income.

Affiliate Marketing

This is arguably the most famous of all.

How it works: Register to become an affiliate of a company or website. After registration, you’ll get a unique affiliate link with which you can use to get people to purchase products on the affiliate website or store.

You’re rewarded with a certain percent of the total amount worth of goods the clients purchase.

Note it: you get paid commission off sales made by the people you refer.

Good examples of affiliate programmes include the Amazon affiliate program and Payporte affiliate program.

CPA Marketing

CPA marketing is quite different.

People don’t have to buy items through your link.

Purchasing an item is one of the many activities they can do for you to earn commissions.

You don’t have to pay to register on CPA Networks in Nigeria, and your unique link can earn you money when referred visitors perform required actions.


A similar attribute of CPA, Affiliate, and Referral programs is they’re online based.

They’re relatively easy to start, but earning with them requires a little more effort to be invested.

All three of these programs can become passive income streams if you do them the right way.

This means you can make money while you sleep from all three of them.

Follow these 6 steps to start CPA marketing in Nigeria and make money from it:

  • Know the Top CPA Networks
  • Sign Up
  • Select a Niche
  • Pick the Best Offers
  • Promote Your Offers
  • Rinse & Repeat on Other CPA Networks

1. Know the Top CPA Networks

There are lots of CPA Networks in Nigeria just waiting for you to register on them.

But before you run off to start registering on spammy CPA Networks that’ll only waste your time, here are the top three to consider:

  • MaxBounty
  • CPAlead LCC
  • Peerfly

I can count on three of them.

At least, they have a better system of tracking how many visitors you’ve referred and how much money you earned so far.

Knowing the best CPA networks in Nigeria will save your time, and energy.

2. Sign Up

The next step is to sign up on the network you have chosen to work with.

It doesn’t cost anything to become an affiliate member on CPA networks. So if you come across any CPA network asking you to drop your credit card information or pay, it’s a fraud.

The common challenge with CPA marketing during registration is the chance of getting your application approved.

Your application will be reviewed manually before you can have access to your dashboard and account.

A tip to getting your application approved fast is to be honest with the information you supply during registration.

Having a website gives you an edge, and proves to the moderation team you’re serious about working with them and promoting their offers.

3. Select a Niche

You’ll need to select a niche on the CPA website to focus on. Picking a niche, an area of focus, is one of the ways to not get bored and quit eventually.

Choose the niche you at least know something about, or the niche you’ll be happy to learn about. You also have more chances at excelling as a CPA marketing if you work on a niche you have experienced in.

4. Pick the Best Offers

There are lots of offers to choose from on any of the CPA networks you register on.

Peerfly for example has at least 2000 offers, and my best guess is these offers come in different commissions.

From email opt-in offers to survey offers, you don’t earn the same commission for every offer.

You can earn $4 for every successful email opt-in and maybe $0.96 for every completed survey.

Commission rates are different for every offer.

So the best option is to select high-paying offers and promote them to earn more commissions.

5. Promote Your Offers

It’s in promoting your offer that you get a lot of visitors to click through your link and perform tasks that make you richer.

Remember: you’re a CPA marketer, and marketers run a lot of adverts to make sure the company they work for earn more money.

There are two ways to drive traffic and get more people to perform tasks on CPA networks through your unique link. Here they are:

  • Paid Way
  • Free Way

Paid Way

It’s obvious.

You spend money to make money.

That’s the policy of the paid way.

You need to spend on adverts across some platforms to see results quickly.

Here are some of the options in sacrificing a budget to push your offers and earn more commissions:

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are cheap and automated.

Your Ads can run from all day without your active involvement.

All you have to do is organize your advert campaign and click the start button.

With as low as N500, you can get your Facebook Ads up and running.

Instagram Ads

On Instagram, you can make posts go viral with the feature to boost them.

Just like Facebook, Instagram Ads are relatively cheap and you can get them running in minutes.

Instagram Ads are effective, and on a platform with over a billion active users, you can only get a lot of visitors running through your affiliate link with a slim budget.

Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are on every social media you can think of.

They dominate and have all the followers there.

Imagine having your offer promoted on the page of an influencer with over 8 million followers.

The traffic could crash the CPA network.

So… working with social media influencers will cost you some money, but it’ll worth it in the end.

Free Way

This takes a little bit longer, but you won’t have to spend so much.

You need to learn a few important rudiments to be at the winning end here.

Here are some of the things you can utilize to promote your offers and earn more commissions:

Social Media #Hashtags

Hashtags make your posts seen by thousands of people on social media.

Frequently share content on your social media pages and include trending hashtags related to the offers (content) you promote.

These trending hashtags should be something people actually search for on social media.

Just don’t flood your posts with hashtags.

Social Media Groups/Pages

A lot of social media platforms has specific groups and fan (product) pages.

If you’re promoting a particular offer relevant to a niche like housing, look for fan pages on housing or groups that talk about houses. Post your unique link there and be compelling enough for users to click through.


To promote your offers and get more traffic with SEO, you need to have a blog.

If you already have one, scroll further, but if you don’t, click here to start one today and boost your productivity.

There’s no limit to the targeted traffic you can command with a niche blog, but you’ll need to trade some tactics to drive traffic and increase your rankings.

Without investing and budgeting, this tactics in one acronym is called SEO.

Social Media & Blog Comments

Visit other blogs and leave a good comment with your link at the bottom of your comment.

Now, your comment should be insightful, meaningful, and thorough (most of the time). Dont be the “great post” type of commenter.

The “great post” comment is a nice complement on any article but including your referral link makes it all spammy and suspicious.

Visit the top blogs especially in your niche, and drop educative thoughts pertaining any article you truly read (or read a few paragraphs).

You can also get traffic by dropping comments on a social media influencer’s posts, and commenting fast (before anyone else does).

6. Reprint the Process on Other CPA Networks

Repeat and reprint these strategies accordingly on every CPA network you register and don’t be constrained to working on one or two networks.

You can register on as many CPA networks as you want, but be sure to track your progress on them.

CPA Marketing in Nigeria: the Beginner’s Guide to Make Money from CPA Marketing (Wrap Up)

Without a question, CPA marketing is one of the passive income businesses on the internet that doesn’t require a budget to start.

It’s easy, free, and if you do it the right way, there’s a lot to harvest in the end.

CPA Marketing in Nigeria: the Beginner’s Guide to Make Money from CPA Marketing (Summary)

To start making money with CPA marketing in Nigeria and make money from it, follow these 6 steps:

  • Know the Top CPA Networks
  • Sign Up
  • Select a Niche
  • Pick the Best Offers
  • Promote Your Offers
  • Reprint the Process on Other CPA Networks

What do you think about CPA marketing in Nigeria and how are you going about it?

Drop your comments, questions, and observations below. I’d like to hear what’s up with you.