10 Businesses that Can Make You a Billionaire in Nigeria

There are different types of businesses in Nigeria and some generate more income than others.

It takes a lot of time to grow a business.

And the older a business remains in market, the more productive it becomes (all things being equal).

If you’re looking to start a business and you’re curious as to what businesses can make you a billionaire in Nigeria, you’re on the right page.

The good news is: there are businesses you can start and eventually become a billionaire.

The billionaire lifestyle

But it’s not that easy.

In fact it’s easier said than done.

So, what businesses can you start in Nigeria if you’re looking to generate billions of naira in revenue over the course of time?

I’ll give you 10 of them in a moment but there are some things you need to know before we move on.

What You Should Know

These businesses don’t start making you billions of naira overnight.

If you start them, you need to understand that you’re going up against a host of competitors who have been there before you.

It’ll take you some time to thrive, outwit them, get loyal customers and hit the reputability threshold.

They simply are not get-rich-quick business schemes.

They’re not ponzi schemes.

But each of them I’ll be throwing some light on are legit businesses and if you have the capital, you should definitely venture into one of more of them.


Here are 10 businesses that can make you a billionaire in Nigeria today:

  • Real Estate Business
  • Fast Food Restaurant Business
  • Hotel Business
  • Oil & Gas Enterprise
  • Nightclub Business
  • Construction Materials Reselling
  • Transportation Business
  • E-Commerce Business
  • Farming
  • Automobile Parts Reselling Business

1. Real Estate Business

Real estate business

The real estate world is studded with billionaires and fearless investors.

A lot of young Nigerians (like of Sijibomi Ogundele) has exploited this business model to earn more than a billion naira worth of properties.

The fact is: the real estate business is relatively easy to start, but you need to know the right buttons to press.

If you’re wise and proactive (which I’m sure you are), then this business is one you should consider starting up.

It takes some level of proactive character to know what property should be acquired, and to locate interested clients.

In this field of business, you’ll come across different class of entrepreneurs.

So, boldness is a key to moving ahead in the real estate industry.

2. Fast Food Restaurant Business

Fast food restaurant

This isn’t the traditional “mama-put” business.

Fast food restaurants are making it big and you can start yours too.

However, one of the keys to making it big in the fast food industry is brilliant marketing mixed up in excellent packaging.

A merge of brilliant marketing strategy and a host of loyal employees will birth undeniable results.

Everybody loves a good food.

But nobody would eat a good food in an unkept environment with broken chairs and irritating utensils.

3. Hotel Business

Hotel business in Nigeria

A lot of hotel owners are billionaires.

I mean good hotels.

5 🌟 (star)

There’s a difference between a five-star hotel and a 1-star hotel.

I can tell you that confidently.

The more modern and exquisite an hotel is, the better and more expensive it will be.

We have lots of good hotels in Nigeria, undoubtedly. You’ll be shocked to realize how much they generate in a single day.

The president himself lodges in an hotel sometimes, and these hotels don’t charge peanuts for a night.

Imagine hosting 200 clients in a single night and each get to pay N50k per night.

That’s a whopping N10m.

With the hotel business, you either start from scratch or invest into some already booming hotel.

4. Oil & Gas Enterprise

Oil & gas enterprise

This venture remains one of the reasons the Nigerian government shys away from doing the right things.

The oil and gas sector is booming.

When you get there, you can build a mansion in a week.

The thing is: the oil and gas sector is studded with billionaires.

Most of these billionaires are politicians and businessmen.

Some of the top figures in Nigeria today have hands deep in oil and gas.

So yes, oil and gas can fetch you billions of Naira.

5. Nightclub Business

Nightclub business

Many young and old people need a place to relax their minds and have a little fun especially after a busy day.

Where they go to usually is a nightclub.

Established nightclubs scattered across the country can boast of couple realizing several millions.

If you’re looking for a business to earn you crazy huge profits, a nightclub business is one worth considering.

The money doesn’t come overnight, but it comes after each night.

6. Construction Materials Reselling

Construction business

People will always build houses.

Bridges will always be built and maintained.

Offices, schools, and religious structures will always be built and maintained.

The business of reselling construction materials is one of the most capital-intensive and expensive.

And if you want to become a billionaire in Nigeria, this business should be on your list of businesses to invest in or start up.

7. Transportation Business


The transportation business is one not very many people delve into because it’s a little expensive to start up.

Having a transport company will make you a billionaire in a few years if you play your games the right way.

This business will always be relevant as long as we have millions of people willing to move from one State to another without personal SUVs.

One fact is true though: the transport business today is fast lucrative.

I’m sure you know of notable transport companies dominating the transport market.

These transport companies make a lot of money and it’s not in thousands.

8. E-Commerce Business

Designer bags

An E-Commerce business is basically an online platform allowing visitors buy and sell items.

Let’s pick a perfect example: JUMIA

Jumia is worth over $1 billion right now.

It’s just an online business.

If you own a business like that where people have the access to put their stuff for sale and also have the ability to buy without going to the bank, you could become a billionaire over the Internet.

The E-Commerce world is all about selling and buying. The owners of the E-Commerce platforms have a way of making their gain from every single sale.

It’s seriously one of the businesses that you can start up if you want to become a billionaire in Nigeria.

To make money with an E-Commerce website in Nigeria is one thing, to become a successful entrepreneur is another thing.

You’d have to go the extra mile.

9. Farming


Olusegun Obasanjo prefers to call himself a farmer for two reasons.

The first is that he’s been a farmer even before becoming president of Nigeria years ago.

And the second is that farming has made him one of the wealthiest people in the African continent today.

If you can get into rice farming or melon farming, you’ll earn so much that will surprise you.

Fish farming and livestock are two other lucrative areas you can slide into.

The good news is that you don’t need to have a huge capital to start your farm.

If you own a plot of land, then you need to spend on acquiring farm implements and labour.

With time, purchase other plots, expand your farm and get the machines needed for effective commercial farming.

It’s one of the businesses that has turned many into billionaires and you can be lebelled under that category.

10. Automobile Parts Reselling Business


This has to do with the sales of automobile parts.

Spare parts of vehicles will always be demanded for as long as we have vehicles.

Poorly constructed roads seem to make this business a booming one, and as more cars develop faults, there’s a need for replacement.

If you get into this business, you’ll start smiling in some months.

But the thing is: it’s expensive to start up.

You’ll need to sign some documents pertaining importation of goods, and also need to pay big on tax as a registered company.

It’s one of the businesses that requires a lot of money to start up, and can also make you bags of money in the long run.

Businesses that Can Make You a Billionaire in Nigeria (Wrap Up)

While it’s easy to start just about any business in Nigeria, some of them requires a fat capital to start up.

To make it big today, these businesses I outlined are some of the most lucrative and their services are what we can barely survive without.

The good part is there are several players in any business you wish to invest in, and you can invest in multiple businesses.

Owning a conglomerate of investments is a big deal.

It’s one of the ways to become a billionaire by just investing in several businesses instead of owning them 100%.

Businesses that Can Make You a Billionaire in Nigeria (Summary)

In a coordinated list, here are the 10 businesses capable of making you a Nigerian billionaire with time:

  • Real Estate Business
  • Fast Food Restaurant Business
  • Hotel Business
  • Oil & Gas Enterprise
  • Nightclub Business
  • Construction Materials Reselling
  • Transportation Business
  • E-Commerce Business
  • Farming
  • Automobile Parts Reselling Business

What do you think about this post and what business on this list have you started already?

Drop your comments below in the comment box. I want to know what you think and what plans you’re having towards making it big in Nigeria.